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Available with or without onboard electronics, these valves. With their integrated electronics obe they reduce the required wiring and simplify the handling while at the same time providing. Catalog hy142550s servovalves technical information. Ets has over 25 years of sales and service experience with the bosch rexroth group in the u. Proportional solenoids for hydraulic proportional valves. Servo valves and proportional valves for industrial machines a hydraulic servo valves is a device that meters the flow of oil in response to an electrical input signal or command to control position, velocity. Directional servo valves are hydraulically pilot operated 2stage or 3stage directional valves. Download rexroth pump pdf, moog valve pdf, parker valve. You can set program variables and inputs and outputs at certain values. This article will explore the technology used in these proportional and servo valves as well as attempting to shed some light as to what type of valve. Because of their high dynamics they are used predominantly for the closedloop controls of position, force or pressure, and velocity. Proportional pressure relief valves, direct operated. During any operation on bosch rexroth oil control valves, it is recommended to pay attention to valves. Rts2stv is suitable for controlling servo solenoid pilot operated twostage valves.

They are used to maintain a constant flow, mostly independent of pressure and temperature. Catalog hy142550us proportional directional control. Electrical proportional amplifier for controlling servo solenoid pilot operated twostage valves. The pq amplifier is comprised of a base card with front panel containing the valve amplifier for 4wrph6 with closed loop pressure controller. The grabcad library offers millions of free cad designs, cad files, and 3d models. Flow control valve 2frm, 2frh, 2frw 516 re 28389, edition. Our portfolio includes proportional directional valves, proportional pressure valves, proportional flow valves, highresponse valves, servo valves and complemented by the valve accessories. Catalog hy142550us proportional directional control valves a155 parker hannifln corporation hydr alv division elyr a series d1fp a general description series d1fp pilot operated servo proportional valves.

The input parameters for the card comprise the setpoint value for valve position, the setpoint value for pressure, the actual feedback pressure and any control mode signals. The sc300 pneumatic directional control valve catalog has recently undergone major revisions to add three product lines and update other valve lines. Smc offers 2 types of proportional control valves, a pressure type vep which controls secondary pressure by varying the current through the solenoid, and a flow rate type vef which controls air flow by varying current through the solenoid. When the solenoid has been electrified, solenoid coil creates a magnetic field, and the magnetic force can trigger the plunger in solenoid tube to move proportionally, and the movement of solenoid plunger will actuate the hydraulic valves. Our knowledge and expertise is invaluable in assisting your company with old and new series bosch rexroth servo and proportional valve repairs, as well as any of the standard directional, flow and pressure control valve.

Valve for controlling position, force, direction or velocity 2stage servovalve with. The new version has increased by 50 percent to 144 pages, and covers many of the most popular directional control valve. Bosch rexroth with respect to the product, please refer to the productspeci. Servo valves and proportional valves for industrial machines. Proportional pressure relief valves bosch rexroth usa. A typical solenoid for proportional valves is consist of solenoid coil and solenoid tube assembly. Pneumatic directional valve catalog from rexroth bosch. It is the result of a merger on 1 may 2001 between mannesmann rexroth ag and the automation technology business unit of robert bosch gmbh, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of robert bosch gmbh. Valveexpert checker service case with test unit for. When used with the appropriate servo solenoid valves and. Pdf designing the controller of a servo valve by simulation. Extract the downloaded file and replace the bosch rexroth pumps folder at the location as shown below. Bosch rexroth is an engineering firm based in lohr am main in germany. Discover all cad files of the bosch rexroth hydraulics category from suppliercertified catalogs solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but.

Introduction to proportional servo valves full lecture. Proportional valve spools nominal flows pressure drops power limits performance terms 4. Valveexpert checker service case with test unit for servo and proportional valves with integrated electronics if you have questions, please contact dr. In this lesson well take a brief introductory look at proportional servo valves. Well discuss how proportional valves serve to control both flow rate and direction as well as examine. Rexroth proportional valve 4wrpeh heash technique b. Use our convenient form at right to email us your question. Mechanical and solenoid cartridge valves, hydraulic integrated circuits, load holding motion control valves, compact power modules. Import bosch rexroth pump symbols library hlm 20 page 3 5. Model 4 ws, requires separate electronic amplifier to control this valve an external electronic control servo. The highresponse valve type rexroth 4wrpeh is a direct operated directional control valve with electric position feedback and integrated electronics obe.

Rexroth is a key industrial hydraulics provider, delivering high quality hydraulic products e. Proportional, highresponse and servo valves bosch rexroth. The valve can be ordered in conjunction with a separate electronic amplifier card model 4 ws, or it can also be ordered with the electronics integrated into the valve model 4 wse depending on what is best for the application. Bosch rexroth ag table of contentsindustrial hydraulics 3 page pum ps 7 servo valves 66, 86 valves 72 valves 80 valves. Discover all cad files of the bosch rexroth hydraulics category from suppliercertified catalogs solidworks, inventor, creo, catia, solid edge, autocad, revit and many more cad software but also as step, stl, iges, stl, dwg, dxf and more neutral cad formats. Catalog hy142550s servovalves dd, ddp c3 parker hannifln. The paper presents the research activities aiming to design the controller of a high flow electrohydraulic servo valve needed for the power stage of the speed. Join the grabcad community today to gain access and download. Electrohydraulic 4way directional servo valve model 4 ws. Bd101 servo amplifiers or a motion controller, series bd valves will provide accurate control of rotary and linear actuators. We want to provide you with the best information possible. The ramps can be controlled by external voltage signals. Flow dir ection changes smoothly when the swashplate is moved through the neutral position highpres sure relief valves with integrated boost.

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